Super Bowl LII Ad Testing: Bigger, Better, Live – r

Last year we broke new research ground by testing every Super Bowl ad LIVE, announcing the results on video, on Twitter and on our website as they came in. It was a lot of work, a lot of fun, and a wild, hectic celebration of the great emotional ads every Super Bowl brings.

So, of course, we’re doing it again.

On Sunday night we’ll be using our suite of market research platforms to test every nationally broadcast ad as it airs, using our award-winning ad testing methodology – the only one which puts emotion at the centre to predict long-term profitability. We’ll be mixing work and play, with a game night party at our New York office while the results roll in.

This year, we’re making it even easier to get the live test results. All you need is this link:

We’ll be updating the website automatically all through the game. No refreshing, no updating, no checking – just glance at the site and you’ll know which ads are ruling the night.

Of course, if you do want to delve a little deeper, you can.

  • We’ll be tweeting commentary on the ads – make sure you’re following @system1research on Twitter.
  • We’ll be putting up quick videos with commentary and analysis on our System1 YouTube Channel and our System1 LinkedIn account.
  • We’ll be bringing you our usual quarter-by-quarter analysis and Monday Morning Quarterbacking right here on the blog.

We’re testing the Super Bowl ads live because automated testing, quickly and at scale, is an increasingly critical insight capability. Sometimes you need a quick read – and the Super Bowl, with its uniquely broad and large audience and its plethora of highly emotional ads, is just such a moment.

This Super Bowl, live testing will be more important than ever. Brands are reversing the trend of recent years, with fewer than ever releasing their big game commercials online before the event. For these ads, it’s now or never – which means we need to test them in the moment.

Will humour win out? Will brands aim for sentiment? What big surprises do advertisers have in store? Be here on Sunday night to find out. You can also subscribe to have updates sent to you, click below to sign up.


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