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Want to get an audiences-eye view of the most effective new ad each week? We test every ad that airs in major categories using our Test Your Ad system, which has data on over 100,000 ads. We pick the most interesting new ad every week that has scored well in a number of our metrics, then we send you the results and insights on why it works.

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Premier Inn

Premier Inn Stay In Their Comfort Zone (And That’s Great)

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Nationwide Building Society

Poetry Strikes A Chord For Nationwide’s Black Audience

Ad Of The Week

Butterfingers' Detectives Back On The Effectiveness Case

Ad Of The Week

How YuMove's Love Letter To Dogs Builds Up Happiness

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Coca Cola

Read how Coca Cola nailed their Christmas ad in 2020

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How Nike's vignette ad of the two Williams sisters is simple, yet effective

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