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System1 Group PLC is a marketing and brand consultancy, with proprietary market research and advertising solutions grounded in the principles of behavioural science. Since 1999, we have been translating breakthroughs in psychology, behavioural economics and the social sciences into online research and advertising techniques that better understand and predict human behaviour.

The Company specialises in helping clients with their communication and innovation programmes, and works with many of the world’s largest buyers of advertising and market research. The Company’s innovative solutions have gained notice in the industry, which has come to regard System1 Group PLC as a thought leader and change agent.

System1 Group was founded John Kearon, and has been traded on the London Stock Exchange (AIM) since 2006. The Company is headquartered in the United Kingdom, and has offices in the United States, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Brazil, Singapore and Australia.

What We’re About

The most important trend in the marketing and research industry right now involves our understanding of how people make decisions. The research industry – like most businesses – has tended to assume that people are independent decision makers who make choices consciously and rationally, and are able to articulate why.

A growing body of evidence – mostly from behavioural economics and social psychology – makes it clear this assumption is wrong. As articulated by Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman, people’s choices are often unconscious and highly influenced by their social, personal and environmental context, or something he calls System 1 versus System 2 thinking. We humans are unreliable witnesses and predictors of our own behaviour. We make emotional decisions and tend to post rationalize our behaviour, which might have nothing to do with triggers measured in traditional market research.

Research is changing to take this into account, with innovative agencies like System1 Group PLC at the vanguard. Modern research focuses more on observed behaviour than on self-reporting, more on emotional response than on recalled information, and more on experiments in changing behaviours than reports which poorly reflect them.

These changes in the focus of research go hand in hand with technological shifts that enable us to innovate more easily and efficiently. Mobile devices, for instance, let us capture behaviour when it happens, rather than relying on after-the-fact reporting. Social media lets us create richer and more insightful pictures of respondents than abstract segmentation could ever provide. The alliance of research innovation and technology works both ways – by studying emotion, for instance, we can unlock crucial insights about what makes online content “go viral”.

System1 Group PLC offers a range of tools that embody these trends in research. Our Predictive Markets tool uses the “wisdom of the crowd” to identify winning concepts. Our Ad-testing tool looks at the emotional impact of advertising, and has proven better at identifying efficient, high-return advertising than traditional persuasion-based metrics. These tools have been instrumental in our being named – by clients and competitors – the most innovative research agency in the annual GRIT survey in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 and in driving our mission: making brands famous.

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Registered Number: 05940040

Date of incorporation: 19 September 2006 (the date of incorporation of the principal operating subsidiary, BrainJuicer Limited, was 29 December 1999)

Country of incorporation and principal country of operation: England and Wales

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