Grow Up? Never!

At System1, we love to celebrate the great work marketing can do for brands.

So we’re extra happy when that great work is our own.

This is a campaign our System1Agency team put together for Carlsberg’s Swiss Panache brand, Bilz. Bilz is a refreshing non alcoholic drink that tastes a bit like shandy – and is enjoyed by kids and adults.

The campaign is mostly digital – with the tagline and identity forming the basis for activity on Facebook and Twitter, including some great 6-second brand videos.

The core of the work is the tagline – it translates as “Grow up? Never!”. It sums up the carefree, brightly coloured spirit of the brand.


Volume 90%



It works on two levels. In a category sense, it takes panache / shandy – and infuses it with a bit of anarchic fun. In a brand sense, Bilz Panache is an older brand which owners Carlsberg are looking to revive. Its heyday was in the 1980s, when a lot of its audience now were kids. The bold, bright SKU and the joyful Summer scenarios in the ads bring back some of the spirit of that time and its confident design.

The kids who ran, swam and jumped all summer long are grown-ups now. But as long as there’s a Bilz Panache in their hand, they don’t have to be. And nor does anyone else.


When we tested the work – using automated testing and our suite of market research platforms to ensure impartiality – these print ads got our maximum 5-Stars. Highly emotional, very joyful advertising.

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