Dilly Dilly: Return of the Fluent Device

It was only last October that our very own Orlando Wood was talking at the IPA Effectiveness Week about the sad demise of the Fluent Device over the last 25 years.   These devices may take the form of a loveable character, an addictive jingle, or maybe a catchy slogan, but one thing they have in common is the ability to instantly help you recognise the brand they are advertising.

Smash Martians, the Honey Monster, the Black Horse, the Meerkats and the “Should’ve” campaign.  All famous fluent devices that we recognise and associate immediately with a brand.

Back in the ‘90s these devices were commonplace and still conjure up waves of nostalgia in us today.  But as brands have moved more and more towards short-termism, their use has declined significantly, so it’s only fair that we celebrate campaigns that endeavour to use them.

And with that in mind it’s ‘Cheers!’ – or should I say, ‘Dilly, Dilly!’ – to AB InBev whose Bud Light campaign hit screens last summer and has gradually etched its contagious catchphrase into our culture. Fun, catchy, yet ultimately meaningless, it has permeated the walls of social media and pubs around the country, but most importantly has become synonymous with Bud Light.  You’ve been there, you’ve heard it, and some of you may have even bought the T-Shirt.

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