Coming Soon: The 2017 FeelMore50


Every year, we use our market research tools to test and rank hundreds of TV and digital commercials, in a search for the most emotional ads of the year. It’s the FeelMore50 list, the only industry ranking that reflects the real emotional response of real people.

The latest rankings – covering 2017 – are coming to our FeelMore50 website on Thursday. Across the main Top 50 list, and the various regional and sector lists, we’re spotlighting more than 80 great ads. For the first time ever, all 50 of the main FeelMore ads got a 5-Star rating in testing (meaning they’d be highly likely to drive long-term profitable growth for their brands).

It’s going to be emotional.

Expect plenty of analysis on this blog, and a couple of surprises. Meanwhile refresh your memory of last year’s FeelMore50 winner, Dorito’s ‘Crash The Super Bowl’ swan song, “Dogs”


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