A Personal Reflection on IIeX Behaviour

Last Thursday saw the first IIeX Behaviour conference in London. System1 Research has been involved in 3 of these events in the US (New York & Chicago) and we were very excited at the opportunity to sponsor this inaugural event.

The agenda saw a collection of presentations from suppliers, panels and clients talking about the latest thinking in Behaviourial Science and market research, presenting case studies on how they have driven better outcomes for their businesses and brands.

For me, the clients’ outcome-focused presentations were the most interesting but a couple of supplier presentations caught my eye. One was Rafal Ohme from NeuroHM talking about how measuring ‘hesitation’ is important to improve measurement in System1 decision making, which is analogous to the work we’ve recently done at System1 Research to include time in measuring processing fluency for our Predictive Markets solution. Another was Will Leach from Trigger Point, who showed how Decision Science help an entrepreneur develop a new crisps brand (Wicked Crisps) with negligible budget. I did want to ask Will if he’d taken a stake in the business.

Our own Orlando Wood talked about how we are now able to help scores of potential clients in major business segments understand how their ads, their competitors’ ads and other ads in their categories perform. He also discussed how to help businesses understand how their advertising is helping to build their brands in the long-term through brand monitoring tools.

The client stories were the most interesting; Cheryl Calverley talked very entertainingly and very directly about the challenges faced in better understanding their A.A. consumers and the development of their ‘Laughing Baby’ ad. She did this while being very open about the internal challenges to get her senior stakeholders engaged around a very different positioning and thus a very different creative approach. Similarly Laura Parker at KFC talking very engagingly about similar challenges in moving to a new, more modern Tracker that better helps them inform the business and aid their decision making.

Who could forget the ‘Jon & John’ show? Jon Evans (CMO of Lucozade) and John Kearon (CEO of System1) swapped stories about the challenges of creating great advertising and our John dramatizing the amount of waste in the industry by burning a US dollar.

The final panel, with clients as diverse as Etsy and the Highways Agency, was fascinating – trying to answer the challenges of how they work in partnership with their agencies, how they deliver new thinking to their stakeholders (with the appropriate level of simplicity/complexity) and with a clear focus on how to use insights to drive outcomes and ultimately profitable growth.

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