A Fluent Breakfast Success

Crack, scramble, heat and eat! For millions of people making scrambled eggs is a familiar and habitual morning routine.  Ore-ida’s new Just Crack An Egg Scramble Bowls build off of this easy System 1 familiar behavior and is a great example of what at System1 Research we call Fluent Innovation.

To elaborate a little further, Ore-ida’s Crack An Egg bowl provides a ready to go bowl of scrambled egg mixings. All one needs to do is crack an egg, scramble and heat in the microwave for a healthy, filling and easy breakfast option.

In recent years, breakfast-time innovation hasn’t been quite as easy to crack as an egg. Our market research platform shows that the long-term trend towards convenience and eating on the go has meant the most successful launches have been products like Mondelez’ Belvita (whose recent UK advert topped last year’s FeelMore50 poll). This has left more traditional breakfast options on the defensive. But with protein products also strongly on-trend, the opportunity was there for the humble egg to make a morning comeback.

What is the winning recipe for Fluent Innovation breakfast success that Ore-ida has tapped into? At System1 Research we refer to it as an 80:20 rule of thumb. Fluent innovation works when ideas are about 80% familiar and 20% new. Behavioral Science has demonstrated that automatic, System 1 thinking relies heavily on the heuristics of pattern recognition and associations. Things in our world that are familiar and easier for the brain to recognize are easier and more appealing choices for us to make.

For Ore-ida this new product taps into the familiar behavior of cracking an egg into a bowl. It builds off of System 1 breakfast associations already ingrained in most people’s minds and adds in the new convenience of ready-to-go ingredients for people too busy to hassle with slicing, dicing and formal cooking at home in the morning. The product only launched in February, so it’s too early to say if it will be a success, but by building in Fluency, it’s given itself a great start.

What does this mean for your next innovation idea? Make sure that your next innovation idea taps into enough familiar elements to be easily accepted. Our innovation practice at System1 Research routinely helps clients test for Fluency and optimize ideas to help innovation succeed with the System 1 brain and drive profitable growth. We would love to help you find your next innovation success!


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