The 3 things you need to land a 5-Star Ad that your current agency may not be giving you

This week we launched our first ever System1 Agency Webinar – Shooting for the Moon: The 3 things you need to land a 5-Star Ad that your current agency may not be giving you. Our webinar highlighted the 3 steps you need to take in order to create a 5-Star worthy ad. As well as discussed the radical System1 approach, which unlike traditional ad agencies guarantees success by placing Behavioural Science and ROI at the heart of the communications development process.

System1 is a creative agency based on BrainJuicer’s pioneering Behavioural Science work, which shows how the emotional, instinctive System 1 brain trumps the rational, evaluative System 2 brain when consumers make brand choices. To predict major, long-term business effects BrainJuicer’s highly predictive ad testing and brand monitoring approach gives ads a star rating – the higher the rating, the higher the impact on profitable brand growth.

Only 4% of the 20,000 ads tested by BrainJuicer have earned 5-Star status, while 60% of ads have fallen into the 1-Star and 2-Star categories. What does this mean for marketers? A process change.

We have broken it down into 3 key steps you need to take and how our System1 approach can help you achieve the coveted 5-Star status:

  1. Switch Systems – change your focus from System 2, rational and evaluative thinking to System 1, emotional and instinctive thinking.
  2. Change Your Brief – Over the last 30 years, briefs have hardly changed. Meaning, they deliver against a System 2 way of thinking. System1 agency briefs against a System 1 approach which is very simple, straightforward and asks 5 key questions – Who are we talking to? What Problem are we solving? What are we/do we want to be famous for? What are our distinctive assets? And, what do we want people to feel as a result of the ad?
  3. Demand a Guarantee – System1 agency guarantees profitable brand growth on all our work because we test it before we present it and will only show our client work that has real potential. We can guarantee this because we use BrainJuicer’s proven model of measuring emotion against all of our work.

To gain deeper insights into these steps and to better understand how the System1 approach works, check out our webinar, Shooting for the Moon: The 3 things you need to land a 5-Star Ad that your current agency may not be giving you


At System1, we help the world’s largest advertisers make confident, creative decisions that lead to transformational business results. Our powerful ad testing platform (Test Your Ad) and our idea testing platform (Test Your Idea) help brands predict the commercial potential of ads and ideas. Complementing TYA and TYI is Test Your Brand, our brand testing tool which measures the impact of ads and ideas on brand health, ensuring long-term brand growth through predictive success.
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