System1 Finalists in The MRS Operations Awards

We’re incredibly proud to announce that System1 is a finalist in the MRS Operations Awards, under the Best Data Solution category. Ad Ratings – our system of testing every UK and US ad that airs on TV from March 2017 onwards – isn’t just a giant step for Market Research, it’s a huge Operational achievement, requiring the processing of 25,000 ads’ worth of data in 25 categories; a number that continues to grow daily.

Bringing this vision to life was no mean feat, and our team faced the monumental challenge of delivering the automated testing of every commercial that airs on TV, creating a real-time database of ad quality and effectiveness. During the development, we overcame the following hurdles:

  1. Moving from reactive, ad hoc testing to proactive, continuous testing.
  2. Building on our existing data quality process to create database quality process – correct attribution, de-duplication, and metadata design to make the huge dataset useful to clients.
  3. Scaling up our existing processes to test more ads in six months than we had ever tested in 18 years as a research business.

As a result of this, we entered Ad Ratings for an Oppie because we truly believe it’s probably the most ambitious automated research program ever undertaken, and because successfully doing it required operational elegance, creativity, and brilliance. The recognition of being a finalist shows we’re not alone in thinking this.

Are you interested in finding out more about Ad Ratings? Please register your interest in becoming part of our beta testing here.

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