New 5-Star Ad: Mentos’ “Say Hello”

Only a handful of ads score our top 5-Star rating, so when one does it’s cause for celebration. This new work by confectionery brand Mentos is the only 5-Star UK TV ad to debut in August (so far, anyway). It was automatically tested using our Ad Ratings system, which uses insights from our market research platform and creatively evaluates every ad that airs by measuring emotional response – the best predictor of long-term brand growth.

Have a look at the ad here:

What makes this a 5-Star ad? It’s got a very strong central idea – emojis printed on Mentos, and getting ordinary people to make the faces they see on the sweets. It’s also highly involving for a 30-second ad – it both shows happy people and demonstrates a way for anyone watching to join in. This kind of social experiment ad is very common as branded content but it’s often stretched out into 90-second or longer videos, meant for sharing. Mentos have condensed their idea into a 30-second spot and lost none of the feeling.

With emojis now firmly part of mainstream culture a lot of brands have tried to find ways to use them. In 2015, Mentos introduced its own emoji range and ran campaigns around it. This new work is an evolution of that idea, and an improvement – there’s now no separation of the emotional campaign and the product itself. Finally, Mentos is offering a point of view on a social issue – the decline of face-to-face communication thanks to phones. But it’s managed to address this in a way that fits the brand and is not at all preachy.

Congratulations to Mentos on a 5-Star ad!


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