Best Of The1: Our Most-Read Pieces

A few months ago, we at System1 sat down and talked about our newsletter. How we wanted to produce something worth reading, that celebrated great marketing and answered big questions, not just pushed out news about us. (Though yes, it does that too.)

The result is The1 – three stories every week, covering all the marketing topic we care about, and the ones we’re being asked about too. We’re very proud of The1 and what we’ve produced so far, but we know you don’t always have time to open it every week or click through. So here are our readers’ choices – the ten most-read pieces of the last three months, as chosen by you. Thanks for reading – and we hope you keep on (or subscribe). If there’s a topic you want us to write up in The1, please let me know.

1. Five Ways Voice Will Change Branding

“Alexa, find me the most-read piece from System1’s newsletter!”

2. How To: Launch A New Brand

Building Fame, Feeling and Fluency is a tough ask for big brands. For new launches, the challenges are even greater. Here’s how to start facing them.

3. Food Innovation: How Far Is Too Far?

Not every new concept is a 5-Star winner. From avocado gelato to sliced ketchup, Emily Ozer investigates the ideas that didn’t hit the research spot.

4. Five Things We Learned At IIeX

Bianca Pryor and Brent Snider went to Atlanta and all they got us was this… very informative review.

5. Can You REALLY Build A Brand In Six Seconds?

In an era of pre-rolls and snackable content, how do you build a brand when you’ve no time to do it? We look at the best short ads in our database.

6. How Fluent Are You In Branding?

Introducing Fluency Trace, the one-stop measure to find out how hard your ad is working to make your brand quick and easy to recognise.

7. How To: Think About Trends

Viewing the future through the lens of behavioural change reveals a very different picture.

8. What Happens If You Test Everything?

Ad Ratings, our game-changing creative benchmarking service, launches this Summer. Gabriel Aleixo reveals the why, what and how.

9. Subscription Services: Thinking Inside The Box

They’ve been one of the big innovation success stories of the 2010s, but how do brands like Blue Apron deal with the challenge of sustained growth? Jocelyn Simon investigates.

10. Dogs! Cars! Dogs Driving Cars!

And finally, sometimes the simplest ad ideas are the happiest. Subaru prove it.

There’s plenty more where that came from! We’ll keep bringing you the best market research insights we can, every week, in The1.


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