3 Questions for Super Bowl Advertisers

As the Super Bowl approaches, advertisers are gearing up for the biggest marketing event of the year. With millions of viewers glued to their screen – yes, I will be watching even though my beloved Eagles will not be playing – the stakes are high for brands looking to make a lasting impact. As advertisers prepare for this year’s Super Bowl, they should consider three critical questions.

 1. What’s the Story? 

Super Bowl commercials are not just about selling a product; they’re about telling a story. It is imperative that advertisers craft narratives that resonate emotionally with their target audiences. It is the story that viewers remember long after the game ends, whether it is humor, nostalgia, or a powerful message. A compelling story not only captures attention but also creates a connection between the brand and the consumer.

For example, consider the iconic Coca-Cola commercial featuring “Mean” Joe Greene. It wasn’t just about soda; it was a heartwarming story of kindness that left a lasting impression. During the Super Bowl, advertisers need to ask themselves what story are we telling and how will it resonate with the audience?

 2. Is It Memorable and Shareable? 

In the digital age, the success of a Super Bowl commercial extends beyond the screen. It is important for advertisers to create content that is both memorable and shareable on social media. By leveraging the watercooler effect, a standout commercial can reach far beyond the game itself, maximizing the brand’s reach.

The “Doritos Push It Flamin’ Hot” commercial is a prime example of creating shareable content. Its humor and creativity made it a viral sensation, generating conversations and shares across various platforms. It’s no wonder it scored a whopping 4.9 (out of a possible 5.9) Star Rating on our Test Your Ad platform. You can view the full report here.

Advertisers must consider: Will our commercial make an impact, and will people want to share it with others?

 3. Does It Align With Our Brand Values? 

While the Super Bowl is a chance to entertain, advertisers must not lose sight of their brand values. In order for a commercial to be successful, it must not only captivate the audience, but also align with the brand’s core values. Super Bowl ads are an opportunity to emphasize the brand’s identity and connect with consumers on a deeper level.

Microsoft’s “Be The One: Katie Sowers / Surface” ad from a few years ago is a powerful example of aligning with brand values. It challenged stereotypes and empowered women, creating a positive association with the brand while scoring a very impressive 4.7 Star Rating! See the full report here.

Advertisers should ask: Does our commercial reflect our brand values, and will it resonate authentically with our audience?

Making the Most of your Super Bowl Commercial 

As advertisers prepare to showcase their creativity and capture the attention of millions during the Super Bowl, these three questions serve as a compass for success. By crafting a compelling story, ensuring memorability, and staying true to brand values, a commercial can become more than a fleeting moment. During Super Bowl advertising, when every second counts, advertisers use these questions to create content that transcends the game, leaving an unforgettable impression on viewers.


As to the answers of which Super Bowl ads scored the best with audiences, you can find out for yourself by registering for our upcoming webinar where we will reveal which ads scored the highest with the public via our Test Your Ad platform, what makes a Super Bowl ad stand out and much more!