Our Metrics Explained

Star Rating

Our star rating predicts long-term brand growth based on an ad’s creative quality. We calculate star rating by measuring emotional response to each ad.

The long-term growth potential for each star bracket:

1.0 = Low
2.0 = Modest
3.0 = Good
4.0 = Very Good
5.0 = Exceptional

Spike Rating

Spike predicts short-term sales effect over the 8-10 weeks post airing, derived from strength of branding and intensity of emotional response.

The short-term returns for each spike bracket:

1.00 & below = Low
1.00 – 1.09 = Modest
1.10 – 1.18 = Good
1.19 – 1.32 = Strong
1.33 & above = Exceptional


Fluency measures the strength of branding in the ad. Fluency is driven by the accuracy and speed of brand recognition.

The brand fluency performance:

44 & below = Low
44 – 58.99 = Modest
59 – 70.99 = Good
71 – 77.99 = Strong
78 & above = Exceptional

Right Brain Richness

This measure is based on Orlando Wood’s landmark book, Lemon, which explains how out left and right brains pay attention to the world in different ways. Lemon shows that ads with right-brain appeal tend to be more effective.

Orlando gave us a list of 10 elements in ads which can appeal to the right brain – like dialogue, sense of place and wordplay. We counted how many were in each ad to come up with our score.

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