When ads get weird

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We’ve seen our fair share of weird ads over the years so we thought it would be interesting to take a look back at some of the wackiest TV ads from brands that left the public speechless. With our interest sparked by Coca Cola’s new ‘tongue’ ad, we look at an enlarging Perrier bottle, seductive dancing animals from Orangina, Reebok’s Belly and a cute little sloth from Eve Mattresses – among a few more surprises.

Joined again by our Head of Marketing, Tom Ewing, and a first appearance on the podcast from our Data Scientist, Nine Adler, we take a look at some of the strangest ads we’ve seen of past along with some of the more recent (and tamer) ones.

There are a lot of ads we talk through in this episode, so we’ve made a handy playlist of them here.

  • Perrier “Caressing the Bottle”
  • Orangina “Naturally Juicy”
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance “Free Zoltar”
  • Levi Jeans “Flat Eric”
  • Eve Mattresses “#wakeupdancing”
  • Coca Cola “The Magic Taste of Coke”
  • Reebok “Belly’s Gonna Get Ya”
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