SVP, Business Development

The Company

For the past 20 years, System1 has been a pioneer of innovation in the creative and marketing research world. You might have previously known us as Brainjuicer.

Our Mission at System1 is to empower every marketer to create effective advertising, launch successful innovation and build brand equity.  We enable this through 3 market-beating products – Test Your Ad, Test Your Idea and Test Your Brand.

Our world-class IP offers the most predictive measure for what drives creative effectiveness, as shown in the recent IPA publications of Lemon and Look Out by Orlando Wood, System1’s Chief Innovation Officer.

We have created the world’s largest data platform for advertising, innovation, and brand effectiveness. This includes our database of over 70,000 ads and 50,000 ideas, tested in 90 countries, with more than 10 million people. This marketing decision-making platform enables our customers to benchmark their marketing versus competitors and their category.

Our expert creative guidance helps clients to generate unique insight into what’s most effective for their brand and business.

As a result, System1 work with hundreds of the World’s most famous consumer and business brands including Coca-Cola, Ford, Adidas, Sky, Microsoft, Lenovo, LinkedIn, Shopify, Danone, Carlsberg, IKEA, P&G, and many household names.

We’re an inclusive company with diverse teams across Europe, the USA, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific. We continuously invest in thought-leadership to inspire our people and our clients. An example is System1’s recent Feeling Seen research revealing that more diverse and inclusive advertising is more effective.


The Role

System1 has created exceptional shared value through strategic partnerships with some of the world’s largest media owners and communication agencies.

Many of our partners are famous. They include television networks (such as ITV in the UK, Globo in Brazil, and ThinkTV in Canada) and social networks (such as LinkedIn globally). We also partner with the most awarded creative and media agencies around the world.

Together, we help more advertisers to grow their return on creativity. We do this by helping them to discover System1’s advertising, idea and brand effectiveness platform.


The Task

Reporting to the Chief Customer Officer –

  • Partner with Creative and Media Agencies in the US, who will help introduce us to the Senior Stakeholders in those companies and establish System1 in those businesses
  • Leverage the marketing that we do in the US the fame building, which revolves around thought leadership, podcasts, and other kinds of PR and events leveraging those opportunities to convert New Business leads into System1 customers
  • Lead a small but highly effective team of people who respond to inbound inquiries, respond to new leads, run pitches and follow up on lead generation to convert new customers to System 1
  • Can work alongside the General Manager for the US, who takes responsibility for picking up the new leads, working on the proposals and expanding the customer once we’ve converted them
  • You will be at the core part of the Commercial Leadership Team designing and leading the strategy, recruiting people, building the right culture and ensuring that the total plan is delivered, and they are accountable for the overall delivery of the task of which the US is our primary location


The Person

  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and influencing skills, with a track record of being a fantastic relationship builder that that can build trust in a short space of time with senior level contacts
  • Strong creativity skills. An understanding of the creative development process and how testing can create value in delivering more effective work
  • Proven pitch winner, that can inspire people within seconds of meeting them, with an ability to quickly understand a customer’s business and how to successfully pitch System1’s products and services
  • Naturally driven, with excellent organisational skills. Capability to handle lots of different tasks, and a strong bias for action and ensuring the delivery of leads and proposals
  • Determined, with an ability to never give up and persist with an opportunity until results are achieved. Ideally demonstrated through experience of using creativity and grit in challenging a dominant market player
  • Experience creating and executing a brand plan either from within a marketing department or as an agency support to the process (e.g., agency planner)
  • High levels of empathy and emotional intelligence


Your Experience

  • Growing a Business – You have pitched and won new business proposals. You can demonstrate a track record of growing a brand or business, and what it takes to succeed
  • Planning a Brand – You have experience creating and executing a brand plan either from within a marketing department or as an agency support to the process
  • Developing Effective Creative – You know the creative development process and how understanding the audience response can inspire more effective creative
  • Being a Challenger – You have succeeded in environments where it helps to take on a challenger mindset, especially standing-out among an industry that’s full of the ‘old-establishment’

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