Why Adidas was right to shun viral spoof ad ‘Break Free’

In a recent campaign article Rod Connors (co-founder, System1 Agency) shares why Adidas was right in choosing not to embrace the viral spoof ad “Break Free”. At first glance, the ad could be viewed as highly emotive and with nearly 11.5 million YouTube views people could argue this would have positive share growth and profitability for Adidas. However, there is a huge difference in profitability, based on how emotion lands with the audience. Making the real question not whether “Break Free” is emotive, but rather does the ad evoke positive emotion. System1’s sister market research agency BrainJuicer tested “Break Free” in multiple markets to answer this question and concluded that Adidas was right. The ad did not create high levels of positive emotional response (4 or 5-Stars).

To read the full article, click here.


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