Specsavers, “Cat with No Pulse”

This ad from the British opticians is sure to make you laugh out loud with its shocking ending. A vet is using a thermometer to check the temperature of a cat named Phoebe. Upon placing the stethoscope on the feline, the vet determines there is no pulse and frantically calls for his assistant Karen to help him save Phoebe. Karen bolts into the room and grabs the cat, which is revealed to be her fur trapper hat when she places it upon her head. The classic tagline “Should’ve gone to Specsavers” appears, along with the real Phoebe, sitting atop a different examination table.

Specsavers ads often perform well but this is one of their very best, because it takes the audience on an emotional roller-coaster ride, turning concern for the cat’s well being into laughter at the vet’s mistake. The ad achieves the top 5-Star rating, which is calculated based on the emotional response that viewers have to the piece.

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