FeelMore50 Ad of the Moment – A Dynamic Journey to Increased Ad Sharing

Welcome back to another FeelMore50 “Ad of the Moment” spotlight. Since we launched our 2016 rankings over a month ago, there have been several ads that we’ve been watching on repeat. Donald Duck Magazine’s “The Duck and the Boy” is one ad that we just can’t get enough of! The Finnish spot was created by Helsinki ad agency Bob the Robot.

Aku Ankka, or Donald Duck Magazine in English, is one of the most beloved magazines in Finland, as it’s read by millions of Finns each year. Bob the Robot brought this cherished character to life in their two minute digital video released early last year. The video tells a sweet story of a boy growing up with Aku Ankka, as it has come to life in the form of an actual duck that accompanies the young boy throughout his childhood adventures. The video takes viewers on a dynamic emotional journey as the boy struggles to fit the childhood character into his changing adolescence. This dynamic emotional journey – swaying from happiness to sadness to surprise and happiness again – is why the ad was shared virally and received an Emotion-into-Action™ score of 81.39. So let’s take a deeper look into this ad.

What is Dynamism and why is it important to an ad’s sharing potential?

Dynamism is the cumulative total number of changes in emotion across every second of an ad – the more emotional changes, the higher the Dynamism score. The Duck and the Boy has one of the highest Dynamism scores we’ve ever seen for an ad of this length! By elevating the Dynamism, the Sharing Potential increases, as seen in the graph below.

The other reason this ad was rated so highly in our Global FeelMore50 is because of its 5-Star Sharing Potential. Sharing Potential is a measure that takes into consideration Dynamism, emotional intensity, and the levels of happiness as compared to the norm. To learn more about Sharing Potential, download our case study here.

The implication for advertising is that a dynamic emotional journey – one filled with large, meaningful changes between happiness, sadness, surprise, and other strong emotions – will add to your ad’s Dynamism score and Sharing Potential. And since we know that more emotional ads are correlated with larger long-term business profits, ads with dynamic emotional journeys are more likely to contribute to your brand’s profitability. The Duck and the Boy is a great example of a dynamic ad that leads to long-term success. To learn more about Dynamism, download our case study here. And check back for future Ad of the Moment posts soon!


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