Debunking the Pre-Testing Vs. Creativity Myth

How can we reverse the current trend of declining creative effectiveness in advertising?

In an Effectiveness Week blog post Rod Connors (Co-Founder, System1 Agency) shares how pre-testing can play a role in reversing this trend. It is not your traditional kind of pre-testing which focuses on USP’s, differentiation and product messaging. Rather, it is pre-testing that measures emotion and feeling, as brand choices are largely driven based on these elements.

Judging the emotional appeal of a piece of creative can be tricky. It becomes a bit more challenging compared to the traditional pre-testing approach of searching for a product message or USP. However, using pre-testing which focuses on emotion and feeling can quickly predict a creatives potential at the earliest stage of the creative process.

A great example of this can be seen from Guinness “Basketball”. By using BrainJuicer’s System1 pre-testing supported by the BBDO creative team, Guinness created an execution that allowed the actions to speak for themselves. This form of pre-testing allowed them to predict 5-Star performance and guaranteed profitable brand growth, placing it at the top 4% of all Ads globally.

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