Creative Effectiveness in Brazil 

How do the 2022 Cannes Lions Winners from Brazil score with the Brazilian public?

This year, Brazil took home an impressive 70 Cannes Lions at the annual festival, further cementing its place as a centre of advertising creativity. And while the brands and agencies that were awarded undoubtedly deserve the recognition, it begs the question of whether the jurors’ opinions align with the wider population.

How does the general public actually feel about the winning ads? System1’s Test Your Ad platform measures emotional response to ads to determine the short-term and long-term impact of advertising. After all, ads that make people feel happy are more likely to drive market share growth and profit gains.

So, is there a disconnect between the creatively awarded ads and the public’s favorites? Or are honoured ads also making a positive impression with viewers in Brazil? We tested several ads that focus on the themes of sports, gaming and human experiences to reveal the answers to these questions.


O Uniforme que nunca existiu


Overcoming challenges is intrinsic to sports advertisements and an effective source of engagement and inspiration for audiences. Additionally, celebrating heroic journeys can create future opportunities for athletes from diverse backgrounds.

“The Uniform That Never Existed” is a tribute to Aida dos Santos, a former athlete who was the only woman on the Brazilian team at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and competed in a homemade uniform. The ad features a voiceover from Sandra de Sá and showcases the limited-edition uniform that honors Aida, with all sales profits donated to 13 NGOs supported by Centauro Transforma Program.

The powerful storytelling around a “warrior” athlete and the brand’s commitment to representation lead to strong, positive emotional responses. The 4.6-Star score offers great brand-building potential and market share gain. Additionally, 100% of viewers recognize Centauro as the advertiser, further supporting positive business results.


Los Santos +3°C


Is the metaverse’s hype the result of the shortfalls of the real world? Or is it possible to use the virtual world to mobilize people into action in the physical world? Greenpeace explores the latter in “Los Santos +3°C” from VMLY&R and scored six Lions, two of them Gold.

The ad transforms Los Santos, one of the most iconic cities in the virtual world, to highlight the impacts of the climate crisis. Halfway through the ad, the visuals of the beautiful city shift, and we see the impact that a global temperature increase of 3 degrees Celsius would have on our planet.

Creative effectiveness is anchored in generating feelings of happiness among viewers. Although the ad is immersive it leads to high levels of sadness and fear. And while negative emotions can be leveraged to inspire positive actions in the short term, especially for environmental causes, the low brand recognition (38%) limits the potential to mobilize people to make meaningful changes in the short term.

The Kraft Heinz Company

Heinz Hidden Spots


Bringing home four Lions this year, Hidden Spots is part of Heinz’s “No matter where, no matter when” campaign. According to Isabella Rizzo, Kraft Heinz Marketing VP, the idea came from identifying that, “80% of multiplayer gamers eat and drink while playing, but it´s hard to do so in online multiplayer games where the slightest distraction or pause can cost you the game.”

GUT Sao Paulo executed a campaign that found a solution for a real problem by identifying remote in-game locations for Call of Duty: Warzone. This enables gamers to sneak in time to eat without sacrificing precious time in the game or giving opponents the chance to surprise them. Though it’s a pain point of a specific target audience, it scores well with the general population. One respondent noted they felt happiness because, “I could see myself on it, because online games always give you that kind of hunger.”

Baby Dove

Post-Partum Under Pressure


Tackling tough situations and true stories can be a great way for brands to authentically engage with audiences. Baby Dove accomplishes this by realistically portraying post-partum depression in an ad created by Dark Kitchen Creatives that won a Bronze Lion in Health.

Though it doesn’t have dialogue, the ad speaks volumes by showcasing intimate moments of motherhood and incorporating right-brain elements like meaningful glances, character betweenness and music – a melodic version of the famous “Under Pressure” from Queen. Highlighting the universal pains and gains of motherhood enables the ad to transcend cultural, geographic and social barriers. And while the majority of the ad showcases challenges, it follows a best practice of leaving viewers feeling happy at the conclusion by ending with the lighter moments of motherhood.

Burger King

Bug King


Also playing in the gamer´s universe, this Burger King campaign from David São Paulo takes bugged gaming images and invites consumers to an Easter egg hunt for promo deals across the internet and Burger King´s app and totems. The ad brought home five Lions, including two Gold.

So, what makes the ad work? First, it combines numerous right-brain elements, like humor, a melodic soundtrack and cultural references. And while it’s most relatable for gamers, the ad also generates positive feelings among a wider audience, hitting 3.7 Stars and paving the way for long-term brand growth.


Cabelo Cremoso


From Biro Biro to Valderrama. From Beckham to Ronaldo to Neymar Jr. Footballers’ iconic haircuts can sometimes generate more buzz than their incredible athleticism and dribbles. The ad “Foamy HairCut” for Brahma, a brand that’s firmly cemented in Brazilian pop culture, plays on this fact and scores a good 3.4-Star score and exceptional brand recognition.

In a partnership with barber Ariel Franco, known as “Rei do Blindado,” the brand showcases how beer can serve as inspiration for hair styling. It features an upbeat version of Noel Rosa’s famous song “Com que Roupa,” which contributes to high levels of surprise and happiness. It’s no wonder that the ad conquered seven Lions at Cannes this year.


Novas Fadas


This Bronze winner in the Film category features street skateboarding Olympic Silver medallist Rayssa Leal, also known as “Fadinha” – the “little fairy.” The Weiden + Kennedy ad’s imagery leans into this nickname, her youth and the “fairytale” story of growing up in one of Brazil’s poorer regions. Nike cleverly borrow characters and music from Disney’s Cinderella film – the ad features a Portuguese cover of the movie’s iconic “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes” tune, and Fadinha is accompanied by animated animals similar to Cinderella’s friends.

It’s a lovely mix of classic and modern imagery and an enjoyably right-brained way of approaching a sports ad, with its cultural references and long shots feeling fresher than the rhythm and rapid cuts of most athletic ads. It scores an impressive 4.7 Stars.

Creative effectiveness is about being able to tell great stories, regardless of the medium. Human truths and universal insights, when combined with creativity, set brands up for success and spread powerful messages that transcend class, time and geography. When brands choose to show up, especially during challenging economic periods, it´s important to authentically engage with consumers to support their long-term goals. Meanwhile, companies that opt for less creative work or reduce their media spend in the short-term will face an uphill battle.  

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