‘1’ Quick Note on Innovation

Every year GreenBook runs a study called the GRIT (GreenBook Research Industry Trends) Report, which examines key metrics within the market research industry. One component of the GRIT Report is a ranking of the 50 most innovative market research agencies. And we’re humbled to say for the past five years, BrainJuicer has been voted the Most Innovative Agency.

Now that we’ve rebranded as System1 Research, we haven’t lost any of our innovative playful nature, but rather we’ve broadened and now have even more offerings. With System1 Agency and System1 Research under one System1 Group umbrella, it’s easier than ever to create and guarantee profitable growth for our clients. We’re continuing to push our boundaries by offering new, innovative products and approaches to the research business.

Being selected as number one in the GRIT survey for the past few years hasn’t made us complacent – quite the reverse actually – we’re working harder than ever to maintain our innovative reputation. This year we live-tested all of the Super Bowl ads as they aired and as part of our 2016 FeelMore50 launch, we broke out microrankings, including a new digital microranking, to support our focus on digital and our new ad testing platform. We also took our award-winning brand tracking methodology – Fame, Feeling & Fluency – and applied it to presidential elections. We successfully predicted the rise of Donald Trump and are now predicting Marine Le Pen to win the first-round of the French presidential elections. We’ve literally wrote the book on System 1— System1, Unlocking Profitable Growth—which contains everything that brands need to know about achieving profitable growth. Innovation is part of System1’s core because we believe that System 1 tools and methodologies can always be used in fresh and exciting (dare we say, innovative?) ways.

We have had a fantastic 17 years disrupting the industry as BrainJuicer and are looking forward to the next 17 years of reinventing marketing services as System1. We are immensely proud and privileged to have been the Most Innovative Agency for the past 5 years, and extremely grateful to GreenBook for running the survey.

If you haven’t had a chance to vote in this year’s GRIT survey, voting is open until Tuesday, April 25th. Cast your vote today!


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