Which ads top FeelMore50™ 2016 ranking?

*BrainJuicer is now System1 Research*

With the new year in full swing, we launched the 2016 FeelMore50, our annual ranking of the world’s best (read: most effective) emotional advertising. We tested 600+ famous pieces of communication – from viral successes to award winners – and ranked them from 1- to 5-Star according to our Emotion-into-Action™ score. We’ve also split out this year’s ranking to include the best TV and Digital winners from around the globe. We will reveal the highlights behind some of this year’s winners.

What we know about brand building tells us that communication – and particularly creative, fame-building emotional advertising – is absolutely critical to successful long-term, profitable brand growth. Brand growth is rooted in the 3Fs – Fame, Feeling & Fluency, mental shortcuts that help the brand become an easy, System 1 choice at the moment of decision. Fame helps a brand come readily to mind. Feeling helps people choose it. And Fluency helps people recognize and process a brand quickly. We’ll showcase what we have learned in the process of compiling the FeelMore50 league table over this past year, about what makes a 5-Star ad – one that brings Fame, Feeling & Fluency to brands – and celebrate those that achieved it in 2016.

Join Brent Snider (President, North America) and Robyn Di Cesare (Managing Director, UK) for this webinar as we congratulate the world’s most effective TV and Digital advertising of 2016 (and don’t forget to check out the full list for this year’s ranking at www.FeelMore50.com).


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