What is the Future of Insights: Caddies, Librarians, Explorers Or Consultants?

*BrainJuicer is now System1 Research*

Yes, it’s true: global marketers around the world seek a new model for insights.

The desire for a step change in the way Marketing and Insights teams operate together and collaborate is the verdict of the extensive study executed by BrainJuicer and the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA). The study, titled “The Future of Insights” surveyed over 300 senior marketing and insights leaders, representing 94 of the world’s largest brands and $2.6 trillion in global sales. Topics of the study include how both Marketing and Insights teams view the Insights function, the gap in perceptions between the two, where each stakeholder would like to see Insights functions headed, and steps to get there.

Join CEO and Founder John Kearon and COO Alex Batchelor, as they explore the findings of the study – the cleavages in the relationship between Marketing and Insights, how they see themselves vs. how they actually operate – and prescriptions for making Insights more effective and efficient at driving brand growth.

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