System1, Unlocking Profitable Growth Webinar Series Chapter 5: Shopper Marketing

This episode: Shopper Marketing

“It’s been exciting working with System1 Research to pioneer a hyper-realistic VR approach to testing shopper marketing ideas. And gratifying that the results are highly predictive of in-market shopping behaviour.”

-Ari Popper (Founder and CEO of SciFutures)

What to expect from this webinar:
1. Using Virtual Reality to test Shopper Marketing: our experiments with Hershey’s
2. Why moving power, not stopping power, is the key to purchase success
3. Discover the importance of Feeling and Fluency in the power of packaging

In each 20 minute webinar, presented by two of the authors, Tom Ewing and Orlando Wood, we discuss the key ideas raised by each chapter. All 5 Chapters are available now.

Chapter 1: Decision-Making: (Watch Recording)
In this first webinar of the series, Tom and Orlando lay the foundations for the rest of the book, discussing the features of System 1 thinking and why it’s so important for marketing.

Chapter 2: Innovation: (Watch Recording)
In the second webinar of the series, we show how System 1 thinking (how humans make decisions) has an instinctive preference for the familiar. For consumers to accept your innovation, embed your great new idea in the familiar to make it Fluent – easy to recognise and understand. Fluent Innovation looks 80% familiar and 20% new.

Chapter 3: Advertising: (Watch Recording)
In the third webinar of the series, we explore emotional advertising. Emotional ads are by far the most likely to create long-term profitable growth. Harness the 7 basic emotions and fluent creative devices to make great advertising. The more people feel, the more people buy.

Chapter 4: Brand-Building: (Watch Recording)
In the fourth webinar of the series, we unveil the 3 rules for building brands: Fame, Feeling and Fluency. Brands should come readily to mind (Fame), feel good (Feeling) and be distinctive (Fluency). The 3 Fs explain current market share, predict share gain and create brand value: they are the keys to profitable growth.

Chapter 5: Shopper Marketing 
In the fifth webinar of the series, we reveal how System 1 works in the purchase environment. Don’t create stopping power, which encourages caution and limits sales. Instead, create moving power, enabling shoppers to buy easily and instinctively.

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