System1, Unlocking Profitable Brand Growth Webinar Series Chapter 2: Innovation

This episode: Fluent Innovation

“Ever wondered how to present your new idea to the public so that it’s accepted? Read this book! A hugely enjoyable foray into the psychology of acceptance and how we really decide between the options before us.”

-Sahar Hashemi, Entrepreneur (Coffee Republic & Skinny Candy) and Best Selling Author (Anyone Can Do It & Switched On)

What to expect from the webinar:

  • Learn how to make great ideas more fluent – easy to recognise and understand
  • Discuss successful fluent innovations like the Bialetti Moka Express
  • Review mistakes by failed fluent innovations like the Sinclair C5
  • Master the formula for fluent innovation by using 80% familiar and 20% new

In each 20 minute webinar, presented by two of the authors, Tom Ewing and Orlando Wood, we discuss the key ideas raised by each chapter. All 5 Chapters are available now.

Chapter 1: Decision Making (Watch Recording)
In this first webinar of the series on Chapter 1: Decision Making, Tom and Orlando lay the foundations for the rest of the book, discussing the features of System 1 thinking and why it’s so important for marketing.
Chapter 2: Innovation
In the second webinar of the series, we show how System 1 thinking (how humans make decisions) has an instinctive preference for the familiar. For consumers to accept your innovation, embed your great new idea in the familiar to make it Fluent – easy to recognise and understand. Fluent Innovation looks 80% familiar and 20% new.
Chapter 3: Advertising: (Watch Recording)
In the third webinar of the series, we explore emotional advertising. Emotional ads are by far the most likely to create long-term profitable growth. Harness the 7 basic emotions and fluent creative devices to make great advertising. The more people feel, the more people buy.
Chapter 4: Brand-Building: (Watch Recording)
In the fourth webinar of the series, we unveil the 3 rules for building brands: Fame, Feeling and Fluency. Brands should come readily to mind (Fame), feel good (Feeling) and be distinctive (Fluency). The 3 Fs explain current market share, predict share gain and create brand value: they are the keys to profitable growth.

Chapter 5: Shopper Marketing (Watch Recording) 
In the fifth webinar of the series, we reveal how System 1 works in the purchase environment. Don’t create stopping power, which encourages caution and limits sales. Instead, create moving power, enabling shoppers to buy easily and instinctively.

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