Happiness, Hatred, Heuristics & Hair: The Dynamics of the US Election

*BrainJuicer is now System1 Research*

Millions of research dollars are spent each election cycle trying to predict races and understand their dynamics. But what happens if you look at politics through the prism of System 1 branding research? That’s exactly what we did, applying our innovative Fame, Feeling and Fluency model to the candidates in the US election. The results are fascinating. In this one-of-a-kind webinar, we present a guide to the election through a System 1 lens, from the nomination battle to the moment of decision in the voting booth on November 8th. Find out which slogans and ideas resonated the most, which emotions each candidate triggered, and what stories the front-runners told the country. And yes, we DID make predictions!

Jeff McDonald (Senior Vice President) introduces and frames the discussion, and Orlando Wood and Tom Ewing of Labs give the presentation. “Happiness, Heuristics, Hatred & Hair” won a Best Presentation nomination at the Market Research Society Impact 2016 conference in London. Watch this webinar to see what the fuss is about!

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