Fluent Innovation: Using Behavioural Science to Make Your Next Big Idea a Success

*BrainJuicer is now System1 Research*

In a world where most new products fail, the most crucial goal for innovators isn’t change, it’s acceptance. From game-changers like Uber to the humblest line extension, any innovation needs to be accepted to succeed. Which means your innovation process has to be as acceptance-focused as possible. The answer is Fluent Innovation.

Fluent Innovation approaches innovation from a behavioural science perspective. It acknowledges that most of our decisions are made quickly, emotionally, and subconsciously. Its goal is to make new choices easy and new behaviour obvious – paving the way to acceptance.

In this webinar, Orlando Wood (Chief Innovation Officer) and Tom Ewing (Senior Director, Labs) will take you through the need for Fluent Innovation, reveal the two questions that every innovation must answer to build Fluency, and explain how to put Fluent Innovation at the heart of your Innovation process and toolkit. Join us for a webinar that will change how you think about new ideas.

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