FeelMore50™ Olympics: 2016’s Gold Medal Winners and Runners Up

*BrainJuicer is now System1 Research*

Elite athletes in search of a gold medal are not the only group who have been training hard ahead of the summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The world’s greatest brands have also been eagerly awaiting the starting gun!

With its global audience, the summer Olympic Games provides one of the largest marketing platforms in the world, reaching billions of consumers and therefore seducing brands to compete hard to achieve gold standard 5-Star response to their communications. Past years have set the bar high with campaigns like Nike’s “Find Your Greatness”, Mini’s “Win Small” and P&G’s “Thank You Mom” campaigns.

Common threads of Olympic advertising might include commercials starring athletes with emotive themes of persistence, dedication and patriotism. But it’s much more complex than that to create the feeling that results in a 5-Star ad. As we’ve seen through FeelMore50, the most effective advertising successfully appeals to the three aspects of brand building: Fame, Feeling & Fluency. Fame helps a brand come readily to mind. Feeling helps people choose it. And Fluency helps people recognize and process a brand quickly. For the FeelMore50 Olympics, advertising from around the world was assessed for efficiency using the same framework and based on quantitative data collected in our validated advertising testing methodology.

Join us for this webinar as Alex Hunt (President, System1 Research) and Celia Nishio (Senior Client Director, Latin America) reveal the 2016 Olympic advertising gold medal winners.

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