Fame, Feeling & Fluency: The Path to Brand Growth

*BrainJuicer is now System1 Research*

Folks, we’ve got some news: consumers think much less about your brand than you think. When they make brand choices, chances are they rely instead on quick, System 1 mental shortcuts to guide their decisions. Which means you should think about brand tracking in an entirely new way.

This new brand monitoring approach draws on proven principles of Behavioural Science and focuses on the three mental shortcuts consumers rely on for brand choice: Fame, Feeling & Fluency. Brand fame (does it come quickly to mind in the relevant context?), brand feeling (how positively do people feel about it?) and brand fluency (are its assets – like logo, shape, colour – quick to recognize and process?) – the three factors which explain your brand’s performance in-market and show where it’s heading.

Join us as Orlando Wood (Chief Innovation Officer) and Will Headley (Senior Director, Labs) introduce a new kind of brand tracking. With examples from many categories, they’ll show how this new approach establishes your brand’s mental presence and gives you a prognosis for the future.


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