Aim for Fame: The New Rules of Brand Strategy

*BrainJuicer is now System1 Research*

If brands come readily to mind
Then profit won’t be far behind
All around the rule’s the same
Your only objective –
Aim for Fame

The behavioural sciences reveal
What standard research will conceal
So what must be done?
Embrace System 1!
Just measure how people feel.

Every brand, no matter the category, has one ultimate goal: fame. To attain it, we need to understand the human subconscious – what science calls our System 1 brain. Humans are fast and frugal when it comes to making decisions. When it comes to brands, we hate having to think. We mostly trust plausible choices that come quickly and easily to mind. We might like to believe we’re logical, analytical, deliberative creatures, but psychology has taught us our decisions are made largely subconsciously, associatively and emotionally.

We need a System 1 Operating System for Famous Brand Building. Measure implicit feelings and subconscious associations to reveal the truth of where brands sit in the minds of consumers. Capture how people feel about your brand and competitors to reveal your brand’s distinctive assets. Then apply behavioural marketing science and creativity to generate a famous brand building strategy.

Join CEO and Founder John Kearon, and Seamus O’Farrell/Sean Boyle (Directors of Planning & Strategy) to learn how to use Fame, Feeling & Fluency to build your brand.

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