A conversation with the author of Lemon, Orlando Wood

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This year’s marketing effectiveness must-read, Orlando Wood’s Lemon, is published this week by The IPA. In part 2 of our Lemon podcast special, Orlando sits down with Tom Ewing for a chapter by chapter tour. Get the highlights of Lemon from the man who did the work, and squeeze even more out of the book.

Lemon: brains have never been so juicy.

Today is the launch of ‘Lemon. How the advertising brain turned sour’, written by System1’s Chief Innovation Officer, Orlando Wood.

In this episode we go through each chapter and cover the following topics:

  • A creativity crisis – what’s our evidence and how can we compare ad effectiveness when we don’t have financial data?
  • The left and right brain – how does each side view the world?
  • What this means for advertising and the core findings about left- and right-brain elements in advertising
  • How the left brain has become more dominant over time
  • How right-brain elements are more effective but getting rarer
  • Examples of ads with strong elements of each kind
  • Implications for the ad industry
  • What should marketers do differently? The manifesto for change.

You can learn more about Lemon here, where you can also pick up a copy of the book.


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