What are fluent devices and why are they effective?


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We’re discussing Fluent Devices on the fourth episode of the podcast, joined by System1’s Chief Innovation Officer, Orlando Wood, and our Head of Marketing, Tom Ewing. Orlando has some fascinating insights into some of the most recognisable ads that include Fluent Devices, such as Gio Compario of GoCompare, the Honey Monster and the Hofmeister Bear.

The Smash Martians. The GEICO Gecko. Papa and Nicole. Alexandr Orlov and Gio Compario. The Bud Knight and the “Dilly Dilly” King. These icons of advertising have something in common. They are examples of what we call a Fluent Device – a recurring property or idea that drives the creative in a long-term campaign and makes it more profitable.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What is a fluent device?
  • Examples of fluent devices
    • The Honey Monster, Meerkats, Geico Gecko, 118 118 Runners and more.
  • Why do they work?
  • The demise of the fluent device
  • How you go about creating a fluent device?
  • Can brands get fluent devices wrong
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