Lemon. Lessons on right-brained creative development

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In the third part of our Lemon podcast trilogy, author Orlando Wood sits down with Sarah Carter, Global Planning Partner at adam&eveDDB to discuss right-brained creative development. The episode dips in and out of the approach to advertising taken by the late John Webster, who was the Creative Director at adam&eveDDB and how this relates to chapter four of Lemon.

Chapter four of Lemon “How the advertising brain turned sour: Creativity and Company Culture”

Orlando is joined in this episode by Sarah Carter, co-author of How Not to Plan, with Les Binet, and Global Planning Partner at Adam&EveDDB. In chapter four of Lemon, Orlando talks about a cultural change that’s taken place in the last 15 years that is responsible for a flattening, abstraction and devitalisation of advertising. The instincts that lie behind standardisation, centralisation and specialisation are the same instincts – or ways of attending to the world – that are responsible for this flattening in style.

Lemon offers not just a diagnosis, but a cure – and points towards a creative style that does work. What can we learn about creative development from those who have created great work?

Sarah was lucky enough to work with one of the great creative directors – John Webster – and has written a brilliant book about him (John Webster, The Earth People’s Ad Man). Sarah has also written articles about him and his working style.

You can learn more about Lemon here, where you can also pick up a copy of the book.


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