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The advertising brain has stopped working properly. It has lost its power to persuade, its ability to make people feel, and its talent to entertain. How has this happened? And is there anything we can do about it?


Advertising creativity
is in crisis.

This publication from the IPA, written by Orlando Wood, Chief Innovation Officer, System1, argues that a golden age for advertising technology has been far from a golden age for advertising creativity.

He shows how today’s analytical culture has sent the industry’s admired reputation for creativity into reverse. In place of a creative Renaissance, he maintains, we are now witnessing nothing less than a creative Reformation, a ‘stripping of the altars’. Reducing what was once dazzling art form to dreary science. So how should agencies and clients correct the wrong turn we have taken?

Lemon. chronicles the decline in creative effectiveness, identifies why it has happened and provides tangible solutions to reverse it.

“Just when you are starting to think that books on advertising effectiveness are all rather similar, along comes Orlando’s book. A book you will want to read.”

Peter Field

A Slice of Lemon

Lemon is a truly groundbreaking book. It mixes cutting edge neuroscience and psychology, cultural history and evidence from the industry’s biggest effectiveness database to tell a story of how advertising has developed – and where it may have gone wrong.

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