3 Mobile Helping a telecom brand punch above its weight

The Business Context

Three Mobile came to System1 Research wanting to break away from the normal network communications adverts that focused on new complex mobile deals and features, as they were leaning towards the effective and efficient evidence of emotional advertising.

The System1 Research Solution

System1’s research proved that mobile sharing was shifting from informational communications to more carefree, silly outreach. This led to the development of an ad centred around “Celebrating the Silly Stuff”.  Once the ad was created, System1 Research utilized their ad testing product, which uses FaceTrace® to measure emotional connection with communications ideas and campaigns. This helped optimize Three’s creative before launch, as well as identify if the ad was a 5-star execution, one that drives greatest in-market business effects.

Business Results

System1 Research’s knowledge about emotional advertising effectiveness gave Three “permission” to be more creative in executive and empowered them to be strategically bolder. In 2 weeks since first airing, the 5 star “blockbuster” advert gained 6 million YouTube views and over 1 million people made their own “Pony Mixes” – they did exactly what the ad set out for people to do: share.

Pony helped propel Three from the fifth to fourth chosen telcom provider in the UK and share has maintained since launch!

  • Views in 2 weeks

  • UK telecom chart

    4th place

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