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Partnership Director, LATAM

System1 is the leading global MarTech decision-making platform. We help brands measure and understand whether their marketing works. Predictive technology is our passion, but our focus is very much human. We understand the power of emotion and capture the nuances of human behaviour to power data-driven decisions. We want to drive change and rewire behaviours, envisioning a world where our pioneering methodologies are embedded in the workflows of every marketing decision-maker. We are also who we are because of our people. So, if you share our enthusiasm, are ambitious, creative, and highly motivated, then we’d love to hear from you! Join the System1 team to continue to help us remove the guesswork for marketeers everywhere, as well as secure our growth, ambition, and success.

Becoming part of our team

System1 has created exceptional shared value through strategic partnerships with some of the world’s largest media owners and communication agencies.


Many of our partners are famous. They include television networks (such as ITV in the UK, Globo in Brazil), ThinkTV in Canada and social networks (such as LinkedIn globally). We also partner with the most awarded creative and media agencies around the world.


Together, we help more advertisers to grow their return on creativity. We do this by helping them to discover System1’s advertising, idea and brand effectiveness platform.


The strong growth of System1’s partnership program has created an exciting new opportunity to lead partnerships in LATAM.


What will you be doing?

  • Nurture and strengthen new relationships with senior agency leaders. You will grow fame, feeling and fluency for System1 across their creative, planning and account teams.
  • Collaborate with Partners to understand the creative and business outcomes that their advertisers seek to achieve. Here you will harness System1’s effectiveness database of over 70,000 ads and 50,000 ideas to help the agency to prove the impact of its creativity. You’ll show the measurable return on creativity that the agency/partner achieves for its clients.
  • Enable agency planners to use System1’s Test Your Ad effectiveness platform to help their clients. You’ll work directly with the planners and creative teams, advising them on how to create more effective advertising.
  • Support Partners on new business pitches and equip them with the evidence they need to acquire new clients. In doing so, you will achieve special access to senior marketing, creative and media personnel in the end-clients. You will bring the missing ingredient that helps the agency prove the business effect of their creative pitch.
  • Discover, attract and acquire new clients through the client network of each agency. You will create a great feeling with advertiser clients, so it will never feel like a hard sell. And you’ll provide the audience insight and effectiveness evidence to make more confident creative choices.
  • Identify thought leadership opportunities to use System1’s IP, knowledge, and data to create fame for System1 among LATAM Partnerships and their client networks. This has proven successful for System1 and our partners, so you’ll receive the support of our Labs team and Orlando Wood.
  • Coordinate and organise workflow across a team of sales and research specialists who will support you to succeed with Partnerships and their clients. You’ll have the support of a shared project manager to make this more efficient.


You need to be this kind of person:

  • Relationship Builder – You’re a fantastic relationship builder, who enjoys meeting new people and can build trust in a short space of time.
  • Creative Individual – You have a strong appreciation for creativity and its importance to the success of a brand. You know the creative process inside-out and understand what advertisers, agencies and media owners need to succeed.
  • Charismatic – You can inspire senior marketing, creative and media clients with the System1 vision and can practically demonstrate ways to grow a client’s return on creativity.
  • Practical & Helpful – You spend lots of time with brilliant media owners, Partnerships, and marketers. You’re probably one right now. You’ve experienced their challenges and know-how to help them.
  • Hands On – You appreciate that sometimes the best progress can be realised by responding to an opportunity. And you don’t mind getting stuck in to help clients at the last minute when required.
  • High Performance – You have confidence in your ability and know-how. And you achieve high performance in ways that fit your personality. You appreciate being rewarded for the outcomes you achieve. And you want to take personal ownership for creating success.
  • Driven & Well Organised – You can handle lots of different tasks, have a strong bias for action, and will follow up on leads and proposals to ensure they are delivered. Because you’re focussed on helping clients improve their creative and marketing effect, your work will never really feel like selling.


You need to have the following experience:

  • Planning a Brand – You have experience creating and executing a brand plan as an agency planner or within a communications team.
  • Developing Effective Creative – You know the creative development process and how understanding the audience response can inspire a more effective creative.
  • Growing a Business – You have pitched and won new business proposals. You can demonstrate a track record of growing a brand or business, and what it takes to succeed.
  • Being a Challenger – You have succeeded in environments where it helps to take on a challenger mindset, especially standing out among an industry that’s full of the ‘old-establishment’.

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