Hello, and a very warm welcome to the new System1 Research blog. We used to be BrainJuicer, and as of April 4th this year we’ve rebranded as System1 Research, part of the wider System1 Group.

If you’re reading this, you might well have liked BrainJuicer. We certainly liked being BrainJuicer. So why the change?

Two reasons. First, System1 isn’t just who we are, it’s what we do. We started talking about the brain’s two modes of thinking, System 1 and System 2, back in the late 00s, because it fit so well with the innovative research tools we were already developing – like our award-winning emotional ad test. In recent years, when we’ve created new solutions to client needs, we’ve approached them with System 1 thinking firmly in mind. Most decisions by most people are driven by System 1. We think most research should reflect that.

So solutions like our very successful brand testing platform offer, based on the 3 Fs of Fame, Feeling and Fluency, have been designed with System 1 at their heart. We wanted our identity as a company to reflect our unwavering commitment to that philosophy, and our continuing mission to take the most useful findings of behavioural science and turn them into profitable growth for the brands we work with. Hence: System1 Research.

Which leads to the second reason. The System1 Group isn’t primarily about research, or about advertising. It’s about profitable growth guaranteed for clients. The seductive advertising produced by our sister company, System1 Agency, is part of that. So is the insight and consultancy we at System1 Research provide. The two work in tandem to create profitable growth. System1 Research provides the rigour to ensure System1 Agency ads have proven emotional impact. System1 Agency lends its creativity and planning acumen to take System1 Research insights to the next level. Rebranding underlines our unified purpose at the System1 Group.

(If you want to see us working together, check out the new System1 book – which will be serialised in five parts on this site starting next week, and then available in a gorgeous print edition this summer.)

Is it a risk? Of course. We love risks and we’re going to keep taking plenty of them. We will also still be very, very juicy – being an innovative, playful, sometimes controversial company is essential to our identity. Whatever you felt about BrainJuicer, we want to make you feel it twice as much about System1.

This site, plus our webinars, our Slideshare presentations, our conference appearances and our brand new newsletter, will keep you up to date on our latest activity. (Sneak preview – the very first post will fill you in on our Virtual Reality Shopper experiments, which we’re very excited about.) Please follow us here and on Twitter, and if you’d like to know more about the rebrand or what we do to deliver profitable growth, we’d love to hear from you.

It’s an exciting time here at System1 Research. Thanks for visiting and being part of it!

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