System1 Launches Test Your Ad

System1 Launches Test Your Ad - A New Era Of Faster, Better, Cost Effective Ad Effectiveness

  • Leading edge effectiveness agency brings together its award-winning solutions for predicting, comparing and improving ad effectiveness.
  • “Effectiveness is for every brand” – System1 aims to take Effectiveness out of the textbooks and put it in marketers’ hands with Test Your Ad Suite.
  • Includes express testing, in-depth optimisation, and access to unrivalled effectiveness database.

Test Your Ad – What It Is

This week effectiveness agency System1 launches its Test Your Ad Suite, bringing together all its ad testing and creative guidance tools to bring marketers the fastest, most accurate and most accessible solution for ad effectiveness.

Test Your Ad puts ad effectiveness into the hands of every marketer on every budget, with the aim of allowing marketers to quickly predict, compare and improve the effectiveness of their ads.

At entry level it offers express testing using the industry’s most predictive testing metrics, and free short-term access to System1’s database of every ad that airs in key US and UK categories.

For deeper effectiveness work Test Your Ad Pro offers the “why” of audience response and the key associations the ad evokes, as well as solutions designed for rapid exploration of multiple creative routes.


Ben Walton, CCO at System1 says: “Effectiveness is for every brand. Only 2% of ads are shown to real audiences before launch, meaning brands are missing a massive opportunity to make better ads. We want to make that opportunity as easy to take as possible – so Test Your Ad Suite is everything we know about ad effectiveness, turned into the fastest, cheapest and most predictive package around.”

“At System1 we’re not academics. We’re marketers. Many of the Test Your Ad team have made 5-Star ads themselves for global brands, before following their passion for effectiveness to come and help other people make great ads too. We’re not going to give clients unrealistic advice, and we won’t mince our words. We will help our clients get the most out of their creativity.”

Test your creative early and often

Don’t leave it up to chance. Our Test Your Ad provides next day results and predictions about your ad’s effectiveness at any stage in the creative development process, so that you can craft ads that drive results.

Test Your Ad Suite – Why It’s Needed

The advertising industry is worth $1700bn dollars a year. But less than 2% of ads are tested and optimised with real audiences.

Marketers have never known more about how ads work and how they build brands and boost sales. But the gap between marketing theory and real world practice is as hard to bridge as ever.

Thanks to years of testing which fails to predict brand-building effects well, testing is seen as a drag on creativity and a legacy business. The very real potential for testing to go hand in hand with creativity goes to waste.

System1 knows testing works. Its IPA-validated methods pioneered using emotional response to predict brand growth, and with publications like Orlando Wood’s Lemon it’s made major original contributions to understanding effectiveness. Making ads more effective is System1’s passion and its mission.

Test Your Ad is the next step in that mission, putting effectiveness in easier reach of every marketer and creative.

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