Test Your Brand: Make Way For The Mouse

Our first Test Your Brand report on the Streaming Entertainment sector found Netflix the dominant brand in the sector, leading its competitors on Fame, Feeling and Fluency (the three basic factors which predict brand size and growth). But Netflix has a powerful rival in Disney+, whose reputation and popularity is growing. In Wave 2, we’re focusing on Disney+ and asking – how close is it to taking Netflix’ crown?

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As a reminder, in the Test Your Brand model, brands need to perform well in three areas in order to grow. They need to be top of mind for their category and purchase or usage occasion – we call this Fame. They need to create positive associations – we call this Feeling, And their assets need to be quickly and easily recognisable – we call this Fluency. Fame is a key indicator of current brand health; Feeling is a leading indicator of growth. The 3 F brand health metrics combine to give us a Star Rating for each brand in a market – from dominant 5-Star players to 1-Star niche or unsuccessful brands.

In both the US and UK, Disney+ has surged over the last quarter in one of these all-important metrics.

In the UK, where the brand is less well-established, it’s seen a jump in Fame. Disney’s acquisition of Fox means that Disney+ UK has added a prestige TV back catalogue with shows like The Walking Dead now sitting alongside Star Wars and Marvel movies on the service. And while high-profile disputes like Scarlett Johansson’s suing Disney+ over Black Widow’s streaming release create headaches for the company, they also serve as a wide public reminder that yes, you can stream the latest Marvel films on Disney+.

This jump in Fame has pushed Disney+ into 4-Star territory in the UK, closing the gap on Sky Cinema and Amazon Prime (Netflix is still 5-Stars, way out in front). Its predicted trajectory sees it close this gap further next wave, though it needs to also increase positive Feeling quicker to keep up this rate of growth.

Feeling isn’t a problem for US Disney+, which has seen a big boost in positive Feeling this wave, as the depth of its US catalogue and the popularity of its new programming continue to impress viewers. Its overall Star Rating hasn’t shifted much despite this, as its Fame is little changed in a highly competitive and packed market.

Even so, that jump in Feeling puts Disney+ in pole position to challenge Netflix in future. That’s because when brands score positive emotion beyond what their size would predict, it’s a great sign that they’re on the verge of growth. When we built that surplus Feeling into the model it predicts Disney+ rising to the brink of 5-Stars and becoming Netflix’ number one challenger. Intelligent acquisitions and a constant flow of big-name content are proving an effective mix for the Mouse House. We’ll see next wave if Disney+’s streak continues.

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