Say Goodbye to Brand Tracking As You Know It

Meet System1’s antidote to the overly complex and expensive world of continuous brand tracking, Test Your Brand

System1 Group announces today the launch of Test Your Brand, a predictive and validated brand health solution that empowers brands to understand the factors that impact their brand, predict brand performance and take action to improve their brand health and drive growth.

Understand what impacts your brand health

There are multiple forces that impact your brand health. There are your own marketing communications and corporate activities that you have control over. Then there’s external influences that are beyond your control, such as market events, the news and media, reviews and ratings sites, consumer chatter, social media and more.

Understanding the impact of these elements does not require expensive and complicated always-on brand tracking programmes. It is far more effective and actionable to deploy a brand research instrument at strategic intervals, capturing in the moment how your activity and broader market events are impacting your brand.

Measure what matters, when it matters

Understand the effect your marketing communications, brand communications and external influences are having on your brand health and highlight what actions you need to take moving forward. By deploying measurement as and when you need; you will be able to efficiently assess and shape your marketing and communications strategy, as well as monitor and understand the impact of external influences, to take your brand where you want it to go.

Deploy a Test Your Brand health assessment pre and post campaigns or external market events over time to understand the impact of your activity as well as external influences on your brand.

The pre assessment will tell you where your brand is today and where you may want to focus future marketing activity in terms of themes and messages to deliver on your brand strategy. Once the campaign has been aired, or events have taken place in the market, TYB acts as a powerful brand monitoring tool. The post dip will decompose how this activity has impacted your brand and surface where to focus your marketing efforts moving forwards.

Regular deployment of Test Your Brand in this fashion will help you improve your brand health over time, inform your communications strategy, and shape your response to external market events to grow market share. This powerful brand testing platform can be also deployed quickly at any time if a market wide event such as COVID occurs to assess immediate impact.

System1’s Test Your Brand methodology is validated via in-market data and enables you simply understand and measure brand health, predict brand share and growth, and take action to improve your brand health and drive growth through diagnostics that provide clear and impactful insights.

See Test Your Brand in Action

In the midst of lockdowns and restrictions, Streaming Entertainment brands have played a more prominent role than ever before.  System1 have put Test Your Brand into action to evaluate the Fame, Feeling and Fluency for brands in this category across the UK and US. We will release the results next week.

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