10 Insights From Ad Ratings

It’s a treasure trove of insight. We celebrated last week’s launch by diving into the database and coming up with ten new and exclusive bits of ad analysis. You may have seen a couple of them in our weekly newsletter – here are all ten together.

Purpose Marketing – Meet The Brand That’s Quacked It: “One of the lessons of the System1 Ad Ratings database is that purpose-driven ads are often emotional winners, particularly in the US market.

Style Beats Science In The Fight For Haircare Stars “The ad is still very product centric, but the difference in style is obvious – brash, bold, and joyful rather than the rather cautious reliance on science.”

What The Fox? How One Brand’s Gross-Out Ads Misfired “Even if they’re good ads conceptually, they’re not good TV ads.”

Tech Rules The World – But You Wouldn’t Know It From The Ads “The ads these modern giants produce have struggled to find ways to speak with clarity and positive emotion. They’re often cast in the role of gadget salesperson.”

The Strange Death Of The American Beer Ad “The craft sector as a whole is seen as stronger, sexier, and aggressively disruptive, selling connoisseurship, flavour and lifestyle rather than brands.”

Banking: The Best Ads From Britain’s Big Five “The style of UK banking ads doesn’t vary a lot – the sector tends to be dragged down by voiceovers and feature explanations.”

Making 5-Stars Go A Long Way  “It’s an approach many creative agencies are working towards, creating spots which can easily be sliced and diced into multiple shortform ads for TV or digital placement.”

Critics Hate Diet Coke’s Latest Ads – Are They Right? “The ads are so starkly simple that they feel like a kind of anti-marketing: a straight to-camera speech, can in hand, about how Diet Coke is good and if you want one you should have one.”

Electric Goes Audi – Spark Or Fizzle?  “The challenge of communicating an intelligent brand in an immediate and evocative fashion”

Chevrolet Shows The Limits Of Authenticity “To spark emotional response you need a bit more theatre, magic and artifice.”

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