Twix Bikers Stand Out For Edgy Humor




Candy ads aren’t where you usually turn for edgy humor. The category has a reputation – often deserved – for playing safe, trading on the fact that almost everyone loves the product by making ads that don’t rock the boat.

So it’s been a delight to see Adam&EveDDB try something different for Twix, and get recognition for it. Their previous ad for the candy bar, “Bears”, was distinctly dark for a candy commercial, with two travelers in the woods contemplating their tasty snack as some wild bears have the same conversation. “Bears” was an award-winning ad, and commercially effective enough that it’s still running. Now we get to see the follow-up.

“Disguise” takes us into the headquarters of a fearsome biker gang, with two of the leaders discussing the unique qualities of a Twix bar – it’s like a “cookie in disguise”, says one. The other responds by saying he’d snap anyone infiltrating his gang in disguise just like a Twix. Cut to a ludicrous figure with long hair and unconvincing leathers, looking more like a hippie than a biker, and looking terrified. He forces himself to laugh too, and the ad ends. It’s another highly distinctive, edgier than usual spot from Twix and their agency.

The risk of running an ad like this is that – as with “Bears” – people won’t like the tension and implied threat of violence. The reward is that the ad stands out boldly within its category and that the tone of the ad creates more emotional intensity and speaks to a different audience from the usual candy commercial.

It’s a tricky line to walk, but the Test Your Ad results show that “Disguise” succeeds. The ad gets a good Star Rating – 3.8-Stars, a little above the category average, so the edgy humor isn’t turning audiences off. But it also manages an exceptional Spike Rating and strong Brand Fluency score, showing people are responding very well to the distinctive tone. Humor, when used well, is still one of the most effective options a brand has.

Something it’s easy to miss about this campaign is that it’s firmly rooted in the product – both “Bears” and “Disguise” are about the distinctive qualities of Twix. It comes in a two-pack; it’s halfway between cookie and candy bar; and so on. Adam&EveDDB have found ways to talk about those product features which are genuinely fresh, making ads that stand out in their category the same way Twix itself does.

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