Lindt Sparkles With Its Gold Bunny Easter Ad


Make your Easter sparkle with the Lindt Gold Bunny


It’s the earliest Easter since 2016, which means ads for eggs, buns and other treats were all over British screens by early March. Lindt, one of the most consistently strong advertisers, was hardly likely to miss the opportunity to promote its best-selling Gold Bunny product. And naturally, they’ve brought out their other great brand asset, the Master Chocolatier – or one of them.

The Chocolatier, an expert in confectionery who ladles liquid chocolate between cooking pots in a Swiss kitchen, has been a constant presence in Lindt ads. There are multiple Chocolatiers – the male version is the most commonly used, but here it’s a woman responsible for “Lindt Product Development”. But whoever the Chocolatier is, the concept is the same – they’re a reassuring presence who conveys a sense of craft and deep authenticity.

Many Lindt ads centre the Chocolatier, but for Easter her scene is moved to the end, freeing up a certain amount of screen time for other kinds of storytelling.

In this case, the brand gives us a touching story of a little boy and his grandpa bonding over their Gold Bunnys on an Easter visit. It’s an idyllic scene which draws on the most typically effective elements of Easter advertising – scenes of spring, families coming together, and of course the chocolate! The meeting between the young boy and the old man at the end is a bit of human togetherness, a “right-brained” creative element which ends the story on a high note.

The ad scores 5.4-Stars, putting it in the top tier of ads even in a very high-scoring category like confectionery – it’s one of the Top 25 confectionery ads on the Test Your Ad database. It also scores an exceptional short-term Spike Rating.

Lindt is in the fortunate position of having two major distinctive assets it can deploy in its Easter ad. The Gold Bunny is probably even more of an icon than the Master Chocolatier, and is also a hero product for Lindt consumers: it makes sense to give it more of the screen time and leave the Chocolatier to the end for a double whammy of brand identification. The ad is a good example of a brand making its best assets literally sparkle.

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