Heinz Brings the Summer Vibes

Squeeze The Most Out of Summer



A curious fact about the iconic World War II “Keep Calm And Carry On” posters is that they were never actually used during the war. It was only this century that they were rediscovered and became shorthand for a particular kind of mustn’t-grumble Britishness.

But the nostalgic look and feel of the poster was crucial to its appeal – references to the past help grab the attention of the right brain. It’s a lesson Heinz have obviously learned well, in their new advert which aims at a similar make-the-best-of-it sentiment, and backs it up with potent cultural references. It’s one of the most powerfully British ads we’ve seen, and lands a very strong 4.7-Stars, proving its emotional appeal.

The context for the ad is, of course, the Covid-19 pandemic, which continues to distort everyday life. As families work out what they can and can’t do this summer, Heinz offers a sympathetic tone, showcasing all the good times we can still have, with the pleasantly punning slogan “Squeeze The Most Out Of Summer”. (Wordplay and double meanings are another very right-brained element!)

To top it off, the ad ends by resolving the music into the familiar sounds of “In An English Country Garden”, the old music hall song. Like the gingham dresses, the wooden benches, and the Heinz bottles themselves, it’s all designed to create a cosy, reassuring vibe. It’s an example of a brand playing on its heritage and its deep roots in a local culture to powerfully emotional effect. Have fun and carry on, says Heinz: we’re on your side.