Ad Of The Month


Australia: Hans


When a much-loved brand needs invigorating, advertising can do the job. Queensland smallgoods producer Hans has plenty of heritage for Australian carnivores, but its 21st century history has been rocky, with administration and multiple buyouts. Since 2014, though, it’s been a steady part of food producer JBS Australia’s stable of brands, and the pandemic has given Hans an opportunity to remind consumers what it does – give them at home access to deli-quality meats.

The ad, which started running last year, focuses on Hans’ charcuterie products, with a young man preparing the perfect charcuterie plate to present to his guests. (The brand ran a parallel online activity letting Facebook users design their own charcuterie plate). Unfortunately, all his efforts are undermined as he mispronounces “charcuterie” in a way that will have Aussies raising an eyebrow.

The ad’s cheeky humour certainly isn’t for everyone – there’s a steady undercurrent of negative emotion all through the commercial which ultimately limits its long-term Star Rating to a solid but not outstanding 3-Stars. But this is one occasion where the job of an ad isn’t necessarily to build long-term response but to reintroduce a brand so that it sticks in the memory.

And the “Sherootery” ad – produced by Surry Hills agency The General Store – does that job very well. While its Star Rating is not exceptional, its short-term Spike Rating is, at 1.37. It also scores exceptionally well on Brand Fluency, helped by the prominent early branding and strong product shots.

A higher Star Score would obviously be even more helpful, as it would ensure longer-lasting positive associations for the brand. But the ad doesn’t perform badly on those terms, and walks the line between entertaining people and reminding them of Hans’ existence very well. It’s a good example of how to re-introduce a brand with wit and imagination.