Case Study: Automotive Landscape in Germany

In September 2015 the Volkswagen Group got embroiled in the dieselgate scandal which snowballed out into the entire industry – even more so in the times of a wider discussion on climate change.

Using our innovative approach to brand tracking, we aim to understand how the German car industry have been coping since and how dieselgate has impact the German car industry in its home market. Since January 2019 (before the scandal broke), we have conducted 9 waves of tracking.

In this latest iteration, we see early signs for rapprochement, consumers slowly starting to rediscover their fondness for the brands they loved so dearly in the past. This is however playing out against a backdrop where battery-electric vehicles are coming under increased scrutiny and concern from consumers about the environmental impact in lithium-ion battery production. If this development continues, it could upset the overall strategy of the industry’s move to battery electric vehicles

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