What 2023’s Advertising Trends Could Signal for OOH in 2024 – The CMO Whisperer’s Friday Fast Five

Before we get to this week’s FFF, this Christmas, may your blessings be many, your worries few, and days spent with those who mean the most to you.  


  • What 2023’s Advertising Trends Could Signal for OOH in 2024

Source: The Drum   

Why you need to read it: After a brief lull during the pandemic, the competition for eyeballs via Out Of Home advertising is expected to come back in a huge way with the global spend to reach $38B worldwide in 2024.  

What you need to learn from it: Among the trends, perhaps the most impactful is advanced OOH targeting becoming more accessible. Among examples of this kind of targeting include point of interest (POI), contextual, and audience-based targeting, all of which make it easier for brands to hone in on their target audience and provide contextual relevance,  

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TL;DR: As more brands look to capitalize on the latest technology now available via OOH and DOOH, the need to stand out via creative is paramount.  

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  • The Christmas Ad From 5 Years Ago That Will Make You Cry

Source: yourtango  

Why you need to read it: Because it’s all about emotions! As we say around these parts, the more people feel, the more they buy. And even though this ad – which aired in France and is airing again this holiday season, is from 5 years ago – the lessons gleaned from it are evergreen and chief among those lessons is when a brand touches on an emotion AKA gets someone to feel something, it more than likely will be a successful ad.  

NOTE: This ad scored a perfect 5.9 Star Rating, which predicts long-term market share growth. Read the full report here 

What you need to learn from it: What you need to learn is that regardless of if this ad is a holiday ad, the fact is the most effective ads boost sales and drive long-term growth and they do it by making people feel more – building positive associations with a recognizable brand. 

We recently announced the Top 10 US holiday ads and as you will see, emotion is at the heart of all of them. Read more here 

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TL;DR: Make people feel something, move them to emotions when watching your ad and the higher the likelihood your ad will deliver a positive ROI.  


  • Gartner: 20% of Brands to go ‘Acoustic’ Amid Rising Generative AI Concerns

Source: Marketing Dive  

Why you need to read it: As prevalent as AI is today it is a fascinating concept to consider that some brands will openly promote the fact that they ARE not using AI as a point of differentiation. 

What you need to learn from it: “Mistrust and lack of confidence in AI’s abilities will drive some consumers to seek out AI-free brands and interactions. A subsection of brands will shun AI and prioritize more human positioning. This ‘acoustic’ concept will be leveraged to distance brands from perceptions of AI-powered businesses as impersonal and homogeneous.” – Emily Weiss, senior principal researcher, Gartner’s marketing practice 

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TL;DR: Gartner predicts that by 2027, one-fifth of brands will leverage an absence of AI in their business as a competitive advantage/selling point.  


  • Protect Your Data Before and After You Put Those Gifts Under the Tree

Source: cnet  

Why you need to read it: Consider this one a public service announcement because after all, we are all consumers, right? And we very likely are either going to give or receive – or both – a gift this year that involves you using something techie i.e., an internet browser to make a purchase.  

What you need to learn from it: The author provides lots of practical advice including orivacy tips for last-minute shopping, how to lock down your browser, using separate logins and more.  

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TL;DR: “Like a lot of procrastinators, you’re now probably spending endless hours on your phone or laptop desperately trying to check everyone off your list before the big day. But experts warn that you could be putting your digital privacy at risk unless you take important precautions.” 


  • The Stealth Revolution of the Modern Chief Marketing Officer

Source: Forbes 

Why you need to read it: Everyone knows I have a special place in my heart for CMOs, but that’s not why you need to read this. You need to read this because, as the writer astutely puts it, even though modern CMOs finds themselves navigating an intricate matrix of technology, evolving customer expectations, and unpredictable market dynamics – this isn’t just about marketing anymore — it’s about the market. It’s about holistic business strategy. 

What you need to learn from it: The writer also debunks some myths including the common perception which paints marketing as the glossy facade of a business — shiny ad campaigns, grand product launches, and glitzy events, when it reality it is there’s a vast expanse of market research, data analytics, consumer behavior studies, and strategic planning. 

TL;DR: “The marketing department, often the vibrant hub of creativity and innovation within a company, has unfortunately also become the frequent scapegoat for business hiccups.” 

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