Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year is the Best So Far for Improving your Leadership and more – The CMO Whisperer’s Friday Fast Five

Happy Friday everyone! Let’s get to rockin’ and rollin’ with a brand new Friday Fast Five. 


  • Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year is the Best So Far for Improving your Leadership 

Source: INC

Why you need to read it: Simple. M-W’s word of the year is a word every single one of us needs to be living and breathing every day, regardless of what role we’re in: authentic. So, ignore the fact that the word “leadership” is in the title; this is applicable to all of us.

What you need to learn from it: I love this quote from the piece: “By being real with yourself, dropping the masks, and walking in the path of authenticity, you’ll soon notice a drastic difference in who you attract and how others treat you.” As one who is living proof of the power of being myself, I can testify first-hand to the power of being authentic.

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TL;DR: Look, it’s the ultimate cliché but it really does come down to always being yourself – your authentic self and not someone you think someone else wants you to be.


  • TV Advertising: 6 Key Trends to Watch in 2024 

Source: MarTech  

Why you need to read it: Because as much as things change i.e., the proliferation of a seemingly endless supply of streaming options, there will always be some form of advertising that is put in front of a given consumer on a TV.  

What you need to learn from it: As the first line reads “Television advertising has undergone significant transformations in recent years, and 2024 promises to be no different” and with things such as Addressable TV and Connected TV and other over-the-top platforms becoming more and more prominent, the need to stay ahead of trends is paramount for success.  

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TL;DR: “Advertisers who embrace these trends and adapt to changing consumer behaviors and preferences will be well-positioned to succeed in this dynamic and evolving landscape. As technology and consumer expectations evolve, the TV advertising industry must remain agile and forward-thinking to stay ahead of the curve.” 


  • In the Rush to Implement AI, Remember the Power of Human Interaction

Source: Forbes

Why you need to read it: Two huge reasons right off the bat. First off, AI is the elephant in every marketer’s room the world over and many are unsure of how to implement it. And secondly, as great as the potential of AI is, we all have a responsibility to never forget the human interaction part of marketing.  

What you need to learn from it: The writer lays out very specific ways AI can benefit marketers including the fact that AI can guide the creative process, identify issues and optimize processes and can also increase the strategic contributions of your workers and improve their experiences. However, the writer also, quite strategically I am certain, reminds us all that AI needs people to guide it. 

TL;DR: “AI is powerful, and if used strategically, it can make your business more competitive. But remember that the human touch is often still the most powerful business differentiator.” 


  • How Effective Are Recurring Holiday Ads?

Source:  AdWeek

Why you need to read it: While this article deals specifically with holiday ads, the idea or tactic, if you will, of reusing existing ads is something more and more brands are at the very least considering. 

What you need to learn from it: Sometimes it’s better to create a new ad which is what UK retailer John Lewis does every holiday season. On the other hand, it’s wise to remember the adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Or in Hershey’s case, only tweak it. The brand has run the same holiday ad, Christmas Bells, since 1989 with just a slight change here and there. 

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  • Innovation: 4 Proven Tips for Doing Things Differently (and Avoiding the Status Quo) 

Source: Forbes  

Why you need to read it: Listen, I get it. Every brand wants to be different, tries to be different and so on. The fact is in order to truly stand out, innovation must be an always-on part of any brand’s overall way of thinking.  

What you need to learn from it: The writer lays out four concrete ways to do things differently, including the power of collaborations that are perhaps outside of your current box and identifying incongruities and capitalizing on the opportunities therein.  

TL;DR: “With the right mindset, the quest for innovation can be much more than a ‘brainstorming’ session where team members struggle to put together a list on a whiteboard.” 

Innovations are, as noted, highly important for any brand’s long-term success. However, knowing which innovations to pursue can be daunting.  

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