Amazon’s ‘Joyride’ is No Christmas Turkey – It’s One of the World’s Most Effective Ads and More – The CMO Whisperer’s Friday Fast Five

After a brief hiatus, The Friday Fast Five is back and better than ever. 


  • Amazon’s ‘Joyride’ is No Christmas Turkey – It’s One of the World’s Most Effective Ads

Source: The Drum  

Why you need to read it: Well first off, it’s about Amazon and Christmas, ‘nuff said. But, you need to read this because the writer, our very own Andrew Tindall, dispels and quite frankly, dispenses with naysayers claiming this ad is not very good. It is, in fact, the most effective ad Amazon has ever made based on System1’s ad testing platform.  

What you need to learn from it: In a recent LinkedIn post I made reference to something Mark Ritson said which had to do with the fact that marketers’ opinions do not matter, only the consumer’s does. Andrew reiterates that point here and not-so-gently reminds everyone in marketing of the same: this is not about you; this is about the consumer. And consumers, in this case, clearly love this ad.  

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TL;DR: Never, ever forget the ads and campaigns and everything you do as a marketer is NOT to get you to take action; it is for the consumer to (take action).   


  • Want Good Customer Experience? Improve your Employee Experience 

Source: CIODive 

Why you need to read it: Far too many leaders across all industries do not put nearly enough emphasis on the employee experience. Of course, the customer experience is vital for success but this article speaks directly to the undeniable connection between the two.  

What you need to learn from it: Employees are looking for the same things as customers from a brand: personalization, values and efficiency. The problem is that while 97% of CEOs say they have a CX strategy, only 81% say they have an EX strategy. 

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TL;DR: “To build an engaged and high-performing workforce, organizations need to reshape their employee value proposition to mirror their customer proposition for fast, convenient, and personalized experiences with a brand that shows leadership on sustainable business practices.” 


  • Does a Purpose Help Brands Grow?

Source: Bain

Why you need to read it: According to research, brand purpose and environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) considerations are now key purchasing criteria for more than half of consumers globally.  

What you need to learn from it: If your brand is not already involved/engaged with anything that is related to ESG, ask yourself why? Then do something about it. And if you are already doing something in this vein, are you promoting it? I realize it’s a fine line as you don’t want to come across as self-promotional but on the other hand, you need to be proud of what you are doing.  

Click here to read the full article. And don’t miss our forthcoming report, The Greenprint, which launches next week and provides brands with best-in-class examples and insights on how to promote sustainability to drive positive behavior change. 

TL;DR: “Brands with a clear view on delivering a differentiated higher-purpose consumer value can unlock substantial growth and disrupt an entire category. This growth, in turn, can fund a company’s sustainability agenda, creating a virtuous cycle for a broader sustainability transformation.” 

  • 4 Ways CMOs can Unlock New CX Value with AI

Source:  Forbes

Why you need to read it: Like many of you, many CMOs and marketers alike are struggling and quite frankly, uncertain on how to best use AI when it comes not only customer experience, but marketing at large.  

What you need to learn from it: Like pretty much everything when it comes to marketing, it starts with the data. I know it’s a cliché but it’s even more pronounced as we enter the world of AI: Quality data in, quality data out. Period.  

TL;DR: “For CMOs just beginning their AI journey, the author provides three pieces of advice. The first is to adopt an experimental mindset.” 


  • Closing the Gap in Customer Emotional Understanding to Reimagine the Future of Marketing Strategy  

Source: Fast Company

Why you need to read it: In case you missed the news, Google 3rd party deprecation, or the “Third Party Cookiepocalypse” is indeed finally happening. So, the onus is squarely on marketers and advertisers to engage with consumers on, dare I say it, a more emotional level.  

What you need to learn from it: I cannot possibly put it any better than this. “Understanding who your customers are and how they really feel is rising as mission-critical, and the need set here will only continue to intensify in the years ahead. Marketing strategies should be reimagined from tip to tail, and doubling down on figuring out the emotional calculus to be more human and empathy-led should be at the heart of this type of reinvention.” 

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TL;DR: This really should come as no surprise to anyone reading this but your customers have emotions; feelings just as you and I do. Yes, I am being overly simplistic but that’s the whole point. Stop overthinking and remember this very basic fact and go from there.  

It is ALL about emotion. Quite simply, the more people feel, the more they buy. That’s why everything we do at System1 is rooted in emotion. We predict sales and growth impacts by measuring emotion, letting you make ads that entertain for commercial gain.